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Police Caution removed for Pharmacist – successful Police Caution removal after expert legal representations

We have again had a police caution expunged for a client, a Pharmacist. The client was given a police caution in relation to an assault, after reviewing the evidence we determined that the caution had been given unfairly. Wow wasn't expecting this, I thought caution removal was very rare. Thank you so much, very grateful

Can I get a Police Caution Removed?

If you are wondering "Can I get a police caution removed?" then the simple answer is yes you can. A police caution can be removed from your record so that your CRB/DBS criminal records check is cleared. If your police caution is removed you can say, when asked, that you have never received a

How Long Does a Police Caution Last?

If you have received a caution, you may be wondering how long a police caution lasts. In most cases an adult police caution will be disclosable on a standard and enhanced DBS (CRB) certificate check for 6 years. How long does a police caution last? If however you have received a police caution for

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Appeal Solicitors

DBS Appeal Process If you are applying for a job that requires an enhanced or standard DBS (formerly CRB) check, you may be worried about what will appear on the certificate. The certificate will be sent to you, before your prospective employer or regulatory body, so that you have a chance to dispute any

Expunging a Police Caution

Expunging a Police Caution If you are a student or a qualified professional and have received a police caution you may want to have it expunged from your record. Expungement is the formal process for removing/deleting a police caution from your police record. Expungement vs Non-disclosure on CRB/DBS Certificate Expunging a police caution is