We are the leading legal practice for police caution removal. We have years of experience of successfully applying for the removal of police cautions.

Our director, Matthew Elkins, set up the police caution removal and DBS appeals practice at a national solicitors firm, before setting up Legisia Legal and dedicating his legal practice to caution removal, DBS appeals and disciplinary proceedings.

We do not believe any solicitor has as much dedicated experience in:

We have had hundreds of successful police caution removals for our clients, for a wide variety of cases and police forces.

Through our dedicated experience, obtained over many years, we have a unique insight into the police caution deletion process, and have an understanding of the police’s differing attitudes to deletion. Over the years we have come to see that each different police force has a different attitude to record deletion. From our years of experience, we will know the best approach to take in your particular case.

Can I get a police caution removed from my record?

Yes you can get a police caution deleted from the PNC – we have removed hundreds of them for our clients. In order to have a police caution removed, the police will need to be convinced that something has gone wrong with the police caution procedure, or that it is no longer in the public interest to retain your police caution. If the police do not agree to delete your caution from the PNC, you can challenge them by either appealing to the Information Commissioners office (ICO) or via judicial review before the High Court.

How long does a police caution say on your record?

A police caution will stay on your record depending on the type of police caution and what type of background check you are undertaking. Generally for Basic DBS certificates police cautions will be “spent” immediately, and will not show up (save for a conditional caution which will show up for a maximum of 3 months). For standard and enhanced DBS checks however an adult police caution (both conditional and simple) will show up for six years, unless it is for a “specified offence”, in which case it will show up forever. All youth cautions will not automatically show up on either a standard or enhanced DBS check, due to a recent supreme court case (but they can be revealed as “relevant information” on an enhanced DBS certificate).

The police caution will be retained on the Police National Computer (PNC) for 100 years (unless deleted). Along with possibly causing issues on DBS certificates, police cautions can cause long term issues when it comes to immigration. See here for more details: What is an ACRO Police Certificate?

For a detailed article on this topic, please vist here: Can you appeal a DSB Check? Alternatively please see our Police Caution Calculator to see if your caution will show up on a background check.

How do you get a caution expunged?

In order to get a police caution deleted from the PNC, you would need in the first instance to apply to the police. If the police refused to remove your caution, you can then appeal to either the ICO or the High Court. If you are unsure how to go about applying for the deletion of your police caution, we have extensive experience in applying for the removal of police cautions, and we will be happy to help you.

Can a police caution affect travel?

A police caution can impact travel overseas. Certain countries are particularly strict when it comes to any form of criminal record. Also certain types of offences may be seen in a worse light than others. For example, if you have a police caution for possession of cocaine, then you will not be allowed a US Green Card, and there is no basis to appeal against this. Further, a police caution for ABH would be considered an offence of “moral turpitude” by the US immigration authorities. An ABH caution is likely to cause issues for both migrant and non-migrant visas to the US. Similarly, a caution for a sexual offence is likely to cause long term immigration problems to the US. For more details on police cautions and travel to the US, please see here: United States Waiver of Ineligibility & Criminal Records

Other countries are also very strict when it comes to obtaining long term visas or citizenship. We have dealt with clients looking to move to the US, China, Singapore, Australia, the Caymans, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates  and Canada who have all come to us in order to have their records wiped clean. More recently we have started to receive enquiries from UK citizens looking to apply for EU Blue Cards.

A police caution can also impact your good character determination when it comes to a UK citizenship application. Once a caution has been issued you are barred from applying for citizenship for three years, thereafter the caution will need to be disclosed. After three years a police caution may continue to impact your citizenship application depending on the nature of the offence, and number of cautions/arrests.

Police Caution Removal Solicitor

We have extensive experience in applying for the deletion of police cautions in relation to many different police forces.

Please see here some of successful cases: Police Caution Removal Example Cases.

Also see here the reviews from our satisfied customers: Police Caution Removal Reviews.

Along with applying for the deletion of police cautions, we are also able to assist with:

We can also assist with challenging DBS disclosures on both standard and enhanced DBS certificates. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in challenging DBS barring decisions; both appealing existing barring, or resisting a new barring application.

We are also able to help if you are being investigated by a regulator, typically were the case is associated with a police caution, or arrest record.

In most cases we offer fixed fees, unfortunately we do not offer legal aid.

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