If you are wondering “Can I get a police caution removed?” then the simple answer is yes you can.

A police caution can be removed from your record so that your CRB/DBS criminal records check is cleared.

If your police caution is removed you can say, when asked, that you have never received a police caution.

Solicitors to get a Police Caution Removed

You may be aware that if you have a police caution that it will stay on a standard or enhanced DBS (CRB) certificate for six years.

If you have received a caution for a proscribed list offence, such as ABH or child cruelty, then your caution will say on your criminal record check forever. Even for non-proscribed list offences, a police caution may still be disclosed on an enhanced DBS check even after 6 years. N.B. 2019 edit, Disclosure with respect to youth reprimands/warnings/cautions are subject to revision by the government.

NB, November 2020 edit: Youth cautions, warnings and reprimands are immediately  “protected” subsequent to changes implemented by the government. This means that even for offences that appear on the DBS list of unfilterable offences, they will not be automatically be disclosed on an enhanced and standard DBS check. It should be noted however despite the changes, it is still possible for facts related to youth cautions, warnings or reprimands to still be disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate if the police feel the information is “relevant”. 

All cautions, including youth cautions, are retained on the Police Nation Computer (PNC) until a data subject reaches 100 years of age, unless it is deleted.

Given an adult caution will stay on your DBS record for a long term, no matter what type of police caution you have received, it is important you check to see if your caution was lawfully issued,

Getting your Police Caution Removed

If you suspect that your police caution was issued illegally then you should seek specialist legal advice. It may be the case that you can have your police caution expunged from your criminal record.

Can I get my police Caution Removed?

Yes you can if the police have unfairly and unlawfully issued you with the police caution

Typically the police may have:

  • Pressed a suspect into making an admission to the offence
  • Misled or provided incorrect information about the caution
  • Offered the possibility of a police caution at the incorrect time
  • Had insufficient evidence to prosecute the case
  • Proceeded to offer a caution when it was not in the public interest to do so

If you think any of the above, or any other circumstance, might apply to you then you may have a case to say your caution should be removed.

Can I get a Police Caution Removed Quickly?

Many clients ask us, “Can I get a police caution removed quickly?” In order to determine how long it might take to remove your caution we will need to discuss your case with you. A lot will depend on the status of your caution, when it was issued and why. Each case will turn on their own particular facts.

If you would like to get your caution removed and return to having a clean criminal record then please get in touch.

Police Caution Removal Solicitor

We have successfully removed a significant number of police cautions and we will be able to give you clear and concise advice at an early stage as to what your prospects of removal are.

Along with police caution removal we are also able to assist in applying for information disclosed on DBS (formerly CRB) certificates to be removed – if you feel information has been unfairly disclosed by the police you have the right to dispute its disclosure.

We offer a reasonable fixed fee for police caution removal and DBS certificate disclosure disputes. If you have caution showing on your DBS check then please get in touch. It is possible to have a caution removed from a DBS check and you might be suffering needlessly.