Barred List – Adult and Children

If you have been cautioned or convicted for a criminal offence you may receive a letter from the Disclosure and Barring Service stating that they have “the intention of including you on the Barred List”.

What this letter means is that they intend to place you on a list of people who can not work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Certain offences  automatically bar people from working with children or adults and there is no right to make representations.

For certain offences however you are able to make representations so that you are not included on the child and/or adult barred list. For more information on what regulated activity with children is, please visit here: Regulated Activity with Children

Representations and the Barred List

You will need to submit your representations in order not to be automatically included on the barred list to the DBS within 8 weeks from receipt of the letter notifying you of their intention to include you on the barred list. The representations will essentially set out your mitigation/legal reasons as to why you believe you should not be placed on the barred list.

We are able to assist anyone who is hoping to make representations to the DBS with a view to preventing inclusion on the children and/or adult barred list. We can either help you draft your representations or submit your representations for you.

If you have already had your own representations rejected by the DBS we are able to appeal your case to the Upper Tribunal.

If you have been included on the barred list, but think it is unfair, we are able to help.

Please get in touch to discuss your case.