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17 10, 2023

How we Removed Over 350 Police Cautions and Arrest Records from the PNC

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Since our last update, we have had hundreds of police cautions and arrest records deleted from the PNC. We have now had over 350 arrest records and cautions removed from the PNC, from over a decade of cases. We have had cautions removed in respect of any conceivable offence you can think off, ranging

22 08, 2023

How to Remove a Police Caution from the PNC

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If you have ever been arrested or questioned by the police, you may have received a police caution. A police caution is a formal warning that can be given by the police to anyone who has admitted that they are guilty of a crime. Anyone under 18 will be issued a youth caution, rather

14 09, 2021

What is a Protected Caution?

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If you have received a police caution you may be wondering: what is a protected caution? What is a Protected Caution? In the past the law used to only talk about “spent” cautions and criminal records. In 2013 new rules introduced the idea of a protected caution. The rules related to spent

9 09, 2021

How to challenge a police caution?

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If you have received a caution, you may be wondering how to challenge a police caution. How to go about challenging a police caution will vary according to the facts of your case. How to challenge a police caution | Pre-caution action The best time to challenge a police caution is before

8 09, 2021

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

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We are expert police caution removal solicitors, we have years of experience in applying for the deletion of police cautions. Our director, Matthew Elkins, is a highly experience police caution removal solicitor, and expert Disclosure and Barring Service lawyer. Police Caution Removal Solicitors If you have received a police caution, and you

7 09, 2021

Never accept a police caution?

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You may have seen advice on the internet recommending that you should never accept a police caution. We will look at whether it is always the best advice to never accept a police caution, and when it might be best to actually accept a police caution. Never accept a police caution? It

5 09, 2021

Can you get rid of a police caution?

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If you have ever wondered, can you get rid of a police caution? The simple answer to this question is, yes. Can you get rid of a police caution? Whether you can get rid of your caution in your circumstances, will depend on a number of factors. Getting rid of certain police

3 09, 2021

Can a caution be removed after 5 years?

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We are often asked; can a caution be removed after 5 years? The reason for this question stems back to previous disclosure rules that now only generally apply to ACRO Police Certificates. We still hear of police offices telling arrestees that their caution will be “removed” after 5 years, even though the rules changed

18 12, 2020

Police Caution Removal Cost

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Police Caution Removal Cost - what are the costs to have your police caution removed?  The short answer is that it would cost nothing if you apply to the police for the deletion of your police caution yourself. You can apply to the police to ask them to remove your caution from the Police National