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Remove Online News Articles – Criminal Conviction Records, Arrest Records and Caution Records

If you have been arrested, cautioned or convicted then you may have found that news articles have appeared about your case online.

News articles published online are potentially permanent records of something that may have happened many years ago.

The law provides for strict rules about disclosure of past criminal arrests, cautions and convictions. If however your case happens to have entered the online public record your criminal record risks being disclosed forever – even if you were found not guilty or no charges were issued.

Removal of online News and Media articles

If you have had online news or media articles published about your criminal case where you were:

  • Arrested
  • Cautioned
  • Tried and acquitted
  • Tried and convicted

then you may be able to have these online news and media articles removed.

Removal of Inaccurate or old Online News Articles

Please get in touch with us today to discuss removing online news and media articles that you feel are hampering your progress.

You may feel that the news articles are old and should no longer  be published or that the media has made significant inaccurate statements about your case. We have successfully applied in the past to have online news articles removed or have inaccuracies remedied

If you were acquitted, but the newspapers or online media source did not publish this fact, but did publish the fact of your arrest/trial – we will make strong representations that the record should be rectified or that the original article(s) should be removed.

Rehabilitation Laws, Privacy, Online News and Criminal Records

It may be the case that an online news website may be invading your right to privacy or may be in breach of laws related to rehabilitation.

Please get in touch to discuss having online news and media articles removed or rectified.



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