If you have been arrested then you may be finding that your arrest record, even if the police took “no further action” against you, may be causing you difficulties. If you have been arrested your details will be logged onto the Police National Computer (PNC).

Arrest records will potentially show up on enhanced DBS records checks and may cause you problems with future or current employment if you work in a regulated sector such as health care or teaching. Even if you have never been arrested, and were interviewed as a volunteer, local records will usually be kept and logged onto the Police National Database (PND).

Enhanced DBS Checks and Arrest records

If you have an arrest record that is causing you difficulties and is showing up on an enhanced DBS check then please get in touch. It may be the case that you were unlawfully arrested or that the allegations against you were malicious or unfounded.

We have successfully removed information from Enhanced DBS certificates for previous clients which has enabled them to continue or move onto their chosen professions.

NPCC Record Deletion Process

For details about the process adopted for deleting police records, please visit our information page here: Record Deletion Process – ACRO Deletion of Records from National Police Systems

Enhanced DBS certificate clearance and No Trace Police Certificates

Please get in touch to speak to an expert about enhanced DBS certificates and arrest record clearance.