Since our last update, we have had hundreds of police cautions and arrest records deleted from the PNC.

We have now had over 350 arrest records and cautions removed from the PNC, from over a decade of cases.

We have had cautions removed in respect of any conceivable offence you can think off, ranging from low level assaults and drug possession, all the way to arson and sexual assault, and everything in between.

We believe we are the legal practice with the most experience of successfully deleting records from the PNC. Given our years of experience, we are in the best position to advise you on your prospects of successfully having a police caution removed from the PNC.

Police Forces where we have had PNC records deleted

We are often asked which police forces we have successfully persuaded to removed PNC records. Below is a list of all the forces where we have successfully had records removed:

  • The Metropolitan police
  • Northumbria Police
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • British Transport police (BTP)
  • Dorset police
  • Hampshire police
  • Avon and Somerset police
  • Dyfed-Powys Police
  • Warwickshire police
  • Hertfordshire police
  • Leicestershire Constabulary
  • Devon and Cornwall police
  • Cleveland police
  • Humberside police
  • Norfolk police
  • Sussex police
  • North Yorkshire police
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary
  • Durham police
  • North Wales police
  • Lancashire police
  • Derbyshire police
  • West Mercia police
  • South Yorkshire police
  • West Midlands police
  • Lincolnshire police
  • Bedfordshire police
  • Nottinghamshire police
  • Thames Valley police
  • Staffordshire police
  • Cheshire police
  • Greater Manchester police
  • Lincolnshire police
  • Merseyside police
  • Essex police
  • Wiltshire police
  • Surrey police
  • Kent police
  • Cambridgeshire police
  • The City of London police
  • Port of Dover Police

Deletion of Overseas Criminal Records

Along with successfully persuading police forces to remove PNC records, we also have considerable success of applying for the deletion of overseas convictions from the PNC.

Through our work in this area, ACRO changed their policy with respect to the deletion of overseas records. We noticed that EU regulations were being wrongly implemented by ACRO with respect to criminal records that had been transferred from European countries to the UK PNC. After we appealed to ACRO, pointing out the error, their policy was changed allowing for the deletion of certain European criminal records. Please get in touch if you have a criminal record that was transferred from overseas onto the UK PNC. We may be able to help you have this record removed.

The Impact of a Police Caution

If you are unsure whether your caution will impact your employment, you can try our police caution calculator.

The calculator will tell you how long your caution will be disclosed on a DBS Certificate.

Unless your caution is deleted, it will remain on the PNC until you reach 100 years. This means that even if a caution is not disclosed on a DBS certificate, it can still cause difficulty with respect to travel and immigration.

A caution will be revealed either directly or indirectly on an ACRO Police Certificate; a Police Certificate will typically be requested by an overseas jurisdiction when processing a visa or citizenship application.

Expert Police Caution Deletion Lawyer

Please get in touch today to discuss your case. Our office manager Myriam will be happy to field your initial enquiry, and if she believes we can help, an initial consultation can be arranged with our expert solicitor Matthew Elkins.

During your initial consultation Mr Elkins will be able to provide you with a detailed advice on your prospects of successfully having your caution or arrest record removed, based on his extensive experience that has been built over years, and hundreds of cases.

We charge reasonable fixed fees for all our services.