DBS Caution Removal is possible, depending on the facts of your case.
If you have received a police caution, then it will show up on a standard and enhanced DBS Certificate.
Your police caution will show up on your DBS certificate for 6 years in most cases. If you received a youth caution, due to recent changes in the law, it will not show up on your DBS Certificate, unless it is an enhanced DBS Certificate. Youth police cautions can still show up on enhanced DBS Certificates on a discretionary basis, dependant on the facts of your case.

DBS Caution Removal

Some adult police cautions can show up indefinitely on both a Standard and Enhanced DBS Certificate, and will not become protected after 6 years.

A police caution will show indefinitely on a DBS Certificate if the caution was issued for a specified offence. Examples of specified offences are ABH, affray, sexual assault, child neglect/cruelty, and possession of indecent images.

For full details on how and when a police caution will show up on a DBS Certificate, please see our Police Caution Calculator.

DBS Police Caution Removal

If you have received a caution and it is showing up on your DBS Certificate, we can help you with DBS caution removal.

We have specialised in DBS caution removal for many years, and we have had hundreds of successful cases. Please see here for our Client Reviews.

DBS Caution Removal Solicitors

You may feel that your caution was unfairly issued, or was issued a long time ago and so is no longer relevant to the person you are. If so we can help.

We always aim to persuade the police, without the need for court proceedings, to remove unwanted police cautions.

We will carefully construct your application to ensure you stand the best possible chance of successfully having your police caution removed from your DBS certificate.

DBS Caution Appeals

Along with challenging unfairly issued and retained police cautions, we have also helped many clients with challenging disclosures on DBS certificates, and also barring proceedings.

Often when someone has been issued with a police caution, the DBS will consider them for barring. This is especially so if the case relates to violence or sexual offending.

We have successfully had many clients removed from the DBS’s barred lists, and also challenged barring decisions before they are made.

If you have been issued with a police caution, and you have now been referred for barring by the DBS, then we can help.

DBS Caution Removal

You may have lived with your caution for years, and it has held you back in terms of employment, or work and travel overseas. We have helped hundreds of people get their lives back on track, and put a minor incident behind them forever.

Please get in touch today to discuss DBS caution removal.

We offer reasonable fixed fees, and will always give you an honest and frank assessment of any case.