We have again had a caution removed for a professional client.

The client had a caution for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH). If the caution had remained on the client’s record it would have had a permanent impact on his career.

ABH Caution Removal Solicitor

Under current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) rules an ABH caution will be disclosable forever on both a standard and enhanced DBS check.

The client was required for his profession to travel frequently to the United States of America.

The US has strict immigration policies; a caution for ABH is considered an offence involving “moral turpitude” and as such, often makes it very difficult to travel to America.

My eternal gratitude in assisting me through a very difficult time personally and professionally.

The reality for most of us is the we only become knowledgeable about legal, or police procedures when they adversely affect us.

Possibly as part of my upbringing and age I have always assumed that the police will always apply their powers with discretion and listen to reason where any doubt exists. Sadly, this was not the case for me, I accepted a caution, despite feeling that it was not fair or reflective of the situation I had just experienced, believing it was my only option.

The realisation that this caution was now with me forever, I started to find out the what the true consequences of accepting a caution really means. It was a very low point that had quite a depressing effect on me made more acute as I found out that the caution system is not always applied as intended.

I found Matt through a Google search and made contact. I immediately felt I was being dealt with professionally and competently. More importantly I felt that I had a chance to challenge the caution.

All the communications between us were clear and unambiguous. I knew what was going on at all times. In my case there were delays due to a police restructure which was frustrating, but Matt always answered my emails quickly when required.

Eventually the best result was returned and the caution has been removed. The weight that has lifted from me is inestimable. I thank you again…

Police Caution Expungement Solicitors

If you have received a police caution and it is affecting your career, or you are experiencing immigration difficulties, then please get in touch.

We have had many police cautions removed for clients enabling them to continue with their careers.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Solicitors

Along with appealing police cautions, we are also often instructed to appeal disclosures on DBS certificates, and to challenge DBS barring applications.

We are unfortunately unable to offer legal aid, we are usually able to offer a fixed fee so that costs can be carefully managed without any unpleasant surprises.

Please get in touch today to speak to an expert police caution removal solicitor.