We have successfully applied for the deletion of our client’s Police National Computer (PNC) arrest record.

The client had been wrongfully accused of a criminal allegation, and had been arrested, detained, fingerprinted, DNA swabbed and held overnight.

We made representations to the police for the deletion of the client’s record. After initially resisting deletion, we placed further pressure on the police, which resulted in them backing down, and agreeing to the deletion of the client’s PNC records.

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Checks

Had the allegation been retained on the PNC, it is possible that the incident would have been disclosed indefinitely on an enhanced DBS check. Due to the nature of the allegation, and the client’s profession (education), it was likely that the police would have chosen to disclose the allegation on an enhanced DBS certificate for years to come.

Now that the PNC record is deleted, the client now has a clear DBS certificate.

Police Caution Removal

Along with applying for the deletion of arrest records, we also have significant success in applying for the deletion of police cautions, and have had many successful cases.

Also we are frequently instructed to challenge DBS barring decisions and information disclosed on enhanced DBS certificates, including challenging disclosures to the Independent Monitor, and to Court.

DBS and Police Records Solicitors

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