We have had a possession of drugs caution deleted from the PNC for our client. Our client had been found in possession of a class A drug, and had accepted a police caution as a result.

After we reviewed the evidence, we noticed there were some serious defects in the way in which the case had been handled by the police. We submitted our findings to the police, who agreed the caution was defective, and deleted the client’s caution, PNC record and biometric data.

Possession of Drugs Police Cautions

If you have received a police caution for the possession of drugs, it will remain on the Police National Computer (PNC) for 100 years. The caution will be disclosed on a standard and enhanced DBS certificate for 6 years, and may continue to be disclosed on an enhanced certificate after 6 years.

If you work in a regulated profession such as health care, teaching, finance or the law, then a police caution will usually need to be disclosed to your regulator and will be show up on a DBS check.

If your caution is however expunged (deleted) then you will no longer have a police caution, and it will no longer show up on a DSB check.

Thank you, I can't thank you enough. This is absolutely amazing news!

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

Please get in touch today to discuss any type of police caution: drug possession, theft and fraud, assaults including ABH, criminal damage, sexual assault, public order and all other offences.

Police cautions are typically issued in relation to low level offences, and are issued on the basis that they are a quick and economical method of resolving a criminal allegation.

Suspects are often told that a police caution is a “slap on the wrists” or will have no real impact on their future. The truth is very different, as a caution can destroy a professional career, prevent you moving or living aboard, or volunteering at schools or charities.

A drugs caution can be particularly devastating to someone who hopes to live in the United States; the US has a very strict policy with respect to criminal records for drugs, and will be hesitant to grant a visa/residence permit to individuals with drugs cautions.

Deleting a Police Caution

We have extensive experience of applying or the deletion of police cautions, arrest records, PNDs, and cannabis warnings.

We will always try to look for an innovative solution to a problem, and have often had cautions deleted where the client, or other lawyers, have failed.

If you, or a loved one, has received a police caution then please get in touch. We are usually able to provide a clear advice on your prospects of success after an initial consultation.

Disclosure and Barring Service Appeal Solicitors

Along with challenging police cautions, we also have extensive experience of challenging DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions.

We have experience of challenging DBS certificates to the Independent Monitor or appealing barring decisions.

If you are already barred and you think it is unfair, or the minimum barring period has elapsed, then we can help.

Please get in touch today to discuss your DBS case with our legal experts.