We have again successfully removed a youth reprimand (now called a youth caution) for a client.

Police Caution and Youth Caution (reprimand) Removal Solicitors

The client, a trainee teacher, had undertaking extensive academic study and teacher training only to be prevented from qualifying as a teacher due to a historic youth reprimand for ABH (Actual Boldly Harm).

That’s fantastic news! Thank you so much for all of your help I am so grateful. I can finally concentrate on my career without having to worry about it.

ABH Actual Bodily Harm Cautions

As the reprimand was for ABH it meant that it would always be disclosed. For ABH cautions no matter how much time passes the caution will always be disclosed on both an enhanced or a standard DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate. NB: November 2020 edit: Youth cautions, warnings and reprimands are immediately  “protected” subsequent to changes implemented by the government. This means that even for offences that appear on the DBS list of unfilterable offences, they will not be automatically be disclosed on an enhanced and standard DBS check. It should be noted however despite the changes, it is still possible for facts related to youth cautions, warnings or reprimands to still be disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate if the police feel the information is “relevant”.

Police Caution Removed

The client is now able to pursue a teaching career without the reprimand showing on a DBS certificate.

The case was particularly satisfying for us as a firm as the client had overcome numerous disadvantages to train as a teacher and removal of the reprimand meant that the past could finally be left in the past.

Criminal Appeals and Police Record Expungements

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If you have been issued with a police caution then we are able to help. You may be finding that a caution is having a more serious impact on your life than you were led to believe it would have.

You may have only admitted an offence to avoid going to Court or you were told it was just a slap on the wrists. If you have received a police caution and would like to discuss getting it removed (expunged) from the police national computer (PNC) then please get in touch.

We can also assist if you are on the barred list or need to appeal a DBS certificate.

DBS Errors and Delays Compensation Solicitors

If you have been prevented from working due to delays or mistakes made by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) then please get in touch. We will be able to apply for compensation on your behalf, for a fixed fee, ensuring you secure the most money possible. You may have lost significant income due to mistakes by the DBS, if so you are entitled to compensation.