A police caution is not a criminal conviction but will form part of a person’s criminal record. A police caution will not be disclosed on a basic background check but will show on a standard DBS check for 6 years and also may show up for longer on an enhanced DBS certificate. Some police cautions, such as for ABH or child cruelty, will show up on a standard and enhanced DBS check forever.

1 09, 2015

Police Caution Removed in Alleged Domestic Assault Case

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We have recently had a police caution removed in the context of a domestic dispute. The client, a teacher, was arrested and cautioned in relation to a domestic argument. The police were called and came to the home address. The client's wife told the police that she did not want the client arrested nor any

7 08, 2015

Police Caution Removed in Fraudulent Domestic Assault Case

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Domestic Assault Police Caution Our Client, a teacher, had been issued a police caution in relation to domestic dispute; the client had sought to separate from her partner who was controlling and violent. On the day of the couple's separation the "victim" in the case faked injuries to himself and called the police; our client

18 06, 2015

Police Caution Removed

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We have had a police caution removed for a client after making successful representations to the police. The client had taken private paying legal advice from a leading firm of solicitors before accepting the police caution. The solicitors advised the client to accept the caution. After reviewing the file we determined that the caution had

6 11, 2014

Police Caution Removed for Health Professional

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I have again successfully removed a police caution for a client. My client had received a police caution following on from a domestic dispute. An allegation was made in the heat of the dispute and the police were called. The client, being unfamiliar with the police and for the first time being detained in custody,

30 06, 2014

Police Caution Removed for Client

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We have recently secured the removal of a police caution for a teacher. The client had received the caution in the context of a domestic dispute. After analysing the client's case we were able to determine the police caution have been improperly and unfairly issued. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in removing the

28 03, 2014

Police Caution Removal Success

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The client instructed us to remove a police caution. The caution had been issued in the context of an acrimonious divorce. Police Caution Removal Solicitors After making representations the police caution was expunged, without the need for court proceedings. The client had their DBS certificate cleared and the caution no longer appeared. If you have