I have again successfully removed a police caution for a client.

My client had received a police caution following on from a domestic dispute. An allegation was made in the heat of the dispute and the police were called.

The client, being unfamiliar with the police and for the first time being detained in custody, was extremely anxious to leave the police station

Solicitor for Police Caution Removal

The police offered the client a police caution and said that if she didn’t accept it things would “get much worse “.

The client, believing there was no option but to accept the caution, took the caution.

It was only after leaving the police station that the client realised the true implications of a police caution.

Thank you again for everything – my whole family is relieved and grateful. (Health professional – Caution Removal)

Once I was instructed I spoke to all the concerned parties, gathered the appropriate evidence together and applied for the police caution to be removed.

Health Professional Regulatory Investigations and Police Cautions

Subsequent to the removal of the police caution, the regulatory enquiry that had been launched  was dropped. The client has been able to return to work with a clear DBS certificate.