We have successfully had our client’s PNC record deleted. Our client had been wrongfully accused of a minor criminal allegation.

After making successful representations to the police, the case was dropped.

As the client worked in a regulated profession, he was concerned about his PNC arrest record showing up on an enhanced DBS check.

The police initially refused to remove the PNC record, however after an additional application, the police agreed to delete the PNC record.

PNC Record Deletion Solicitors

We have extensive experience of applying for the deletion of records from national police systems including  the PNC, the PND, and local records. This includes applying for the deletion of fingerprints , DNA records, and custody images.

One solution does not fit all clients, and we adapt to each case and client. We have had PNC records deleted over the years via direct appeals to the police force concerned, via the records deletion process, or via judicial review proceedings.

Court proceedings are avoided where possible, given the costs and risks involved, however where necessary we will tenaciously fight your case in the High Court or beyond.

PNC Record Deletion Lawyers

Where court might not be an option, we will always look for unconventional solutions to the get our clients the desired outcome.

We have had cautions and PNC arrest records deleted where clients have felt their cases were hopeless. We know the impact an unwanted police record can have, and so we will always search for a solution.

We do believe however in honestly and frankly advising every client, so if we feel your case is weak, we will tell you.

PNC Record Deleted

Along with applying for the deletion of PNC arrest records, we also have extensive experience in applying for the deletion of police cautions, community resolutions and Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs).

We help clients challenge post conviction or acquittal restraining orders; restraining orders can have long term implications with respect to DBS certificates.

Where we have had client’s PNC records deleted, we are also often instructed to apply for the deletion of Police National Database (PND) and local records.

Disclosure and Barring Services Solicitors (DBS)

We are also frequently instructed to challenge Disclosure and Barring Service disclosures on enhanced certificates, or challenging errors in all levels of DBS check. If your case does not resolve at the first appeal, we have extensive experience in appealing DBS decisions to the Independent Monitor, and the Upper Tribunal.

Additionally we can represent you in DBS barring proceedings, including applying to lift existing barring decisions.

Fixed fees are available for most of our services; please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.