The Police National Database (PND) is a separate system from the Police National Computer (PNC).

The stated aim of the PND is as follows:

The Police National Database (PND) is a national information management system that improves the ability of the Police Service to manage and share intelligence and other operational information, to prevent and detect crime and make communities safer. The PND offers a capability for the Police Service to share, access and search local information electronically, overcoming artificial geographical and jurisdictional boundaries

The PND was set up following the Bichard Inquiry into the Soham murders where failures in police intelligence gathering and sharing were identified.

The PND is to be used solely for a “policing purpose”. Policing purposes are protecting life and property; preserving order; preventing the commission of offences; bringing offenders to justice; and any duty or responsibility of the police arising from common or statute law.

The prioritised uses of the PND are the protection of children and young people, understanding and reducing the threat posed by terrorism and disrupting and preventing major, serious and organised crime.

Intelligence Gathering

The records held on the PND are for intelligence purposes, and so records on the PND are not used for evidence in proceedings, although data from the PND will refer to actual physical evidence held by local police forces if required.

As the system is intelligence focused, “soft” information will be logged onto it, for example records of allegations or where investigations concluded where no caution or conviction resulted.

Information on the PND can form part of a disclosure on an Enhanced DBS certificate under section 113(4) of the Police Act 1997. Disclosure of non-conviction/caution information on the PND is not automatic but is done on a case by-case basis following the exercise of police discretion.

When deciding whether to disclose information the police must decide whether they believe reasonably that it is relevant for the purpose of the check and whether in their opinion it ought to be included.

DBS and PND Record Solicitors

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