Police Caution Removal

We have again had a caution deleted for one of our clients.

We promptly applied for the removal of our client’s police caution from the PNC. Within a relatively short period of time, the police had agreed to the expungement.

The police caution had been issued in relation to an alcohol fueled argument. This had resulted in a caution for assault and criminal damage.

The caution had been issued a number of year ago. Nevertheless we were able to obtain evidence that indicated there had been some errors in the police’s handling of the case.

Initially the police refused to delete the caution from the PNC. After further persuasion, the police changed their mind and agreed to delete the caution. The client’s DNA and fingerprints were also expunged.

Clear an ACRO Police Certificate

Now that the client’s PNC record has been deleted, his police certificate is now also clear. As the client was an international professional, the retention of the caution was causing serious issues with respect to visa applications, and job mobility.

If a caution is retained on the PNC it will be permanently disclosable (either directly or indirectly) on an ACRO police certificate.

DBS Checks and Appeals

Along with successfully applying for the deletion of many police cautions, we also have extensive experience in appealing unfairly issued DBS certificates or challenging Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) barring applications.

If you have any police record or DBS issue, then please get in touch today. All enquiries are treated in confidence.

Fixed Fee Police Caution Removal Service

We provide a fixed fee initial consultation service. We will be able to provide you a clear and detailed advice on your prospects of success.

If we believe you do not have a case for police caution removal, we will tell you so that you do not waste your time and resources.

Equally if you have a case, we will usually be able to act under a fixed fee arrangement.