We have again had a caution expunged for a client. The caution had been issued a number of years previously, in relation to a sexual offence.

We were able to identify aspects in the evidence which enabled us to challenge the basis of the caution, even though the caution had been issued over five years previously.

The police agreed to delete the caution, arrest record and the client’s DNA and fingerprint record.

The client, an accomplished teacher, was able to continue his career knowing that his record would now be clear.

Police Caution Deletion Lawyer

We have had many police cautions deleted for our clients, including cautions issued both recently and historically.

We are usually able to offer a fixed fee for our services, and we always aim to resolve a case without the need for costly court proceedings. If the police however do not agree to expunge your caution, and you have a solid case to argue for expungement, we will fight your case before the High Court in Judicial Review proceedings.

Disclosure and Barring Service Solicitors

Along with applying for the deletion of police records, we are also often instructed to apply to the DBS to appeal DBS certificates or barring decisions.

If you have received a “minded to bar” letter, then please get in touch to discuss your case.

For more information on our DBS related work, please visit here: DBS appeals solicitors.