We have again had a caution successfully removed for one of our clients. The client had been issued a police caution in relation to an allegation of assault.

After we forensically examined the evidence, we identified some major defects in the way the police had handled the case.

Police Caution Expungement

We applied to the police for expungement of the client’s caution, the police agreed to delete not only the clients caution, but also the entire PNC record, fingerprints and DNA.

The client will now be able to pursue a career in medicine without any issues related to this incident.

Police Caution Deletion Experts

If you have received a police caution, and feel that it was unfair, please get in touch. We have successfully applied for the deletion of many police cautions.

Along with successfully deleting many police cautions, we are also able to challenge the unlawful retention of arrest records, non-conviction records and DNA and fingerprint records.

Disclosure and Barring Service Solicitors

In addition, if you have had information wrongly or unfairly disclosed on a DBS certificate, we are able to help.

We are also often asked to challenged DBS barring decisions or applications to bar.

DBS and Police Caution Solicitor

Please get in touch to discuss any police records case, including unfairly issued police cautions and PNC arrest records, and any disputes you may have with the DBS.