We have again had a police caution expunged from the Police National Computer (PNC) for our client. Our client worked in financial services, and the caution was having a detrimental impact on our client’s career.

The caution would have been disclosed on a standard Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for 6 years, and may have shown up on an enhanced DBS checks for longer had the client wanted to be involved in voluntary work (such as volunteering at school events or coaching).

Thank you! I'm so relieved. I’m so grateful for your help. I'm glad this chapter of my life is now over and I can finally put this incident behind me.

Police Caution Expungement

If you have received a police caution, and it is holding back your career, or ability to live or travel abroad, then please get in touch. We have successfully applied for the removal of many police cautions.

During our initial consultation we will be able to assess your case, and advise you clearly on your prospects of success.

Along with applying for the deletion of police cautions, we are also able to appeal the retention of arrest records, local police records, DNA, fingerprints, PNDs and cannabis warnings.

DBS Certificate & Barring Appeals and Police Caution Removals

Along with applying for the deletion of police cautions, we are also expert in applying for the deletion of information from DBS certificates and challenging barring decisions.

If you have already been barred, or have received a “minded to bar letter” from the DBS, then please get in touch today.

We have successfully resisted many DBS cases, including overturning DBS barring decisions that are already in place, including those instituted under the former Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) procedure.

We offer reasonable rates, and can often arrange fixed fees. Please get in touch today to arrange a consultation with our police records and DBS appeals solicitors.