We have successfully applied for the removal from the Police National Computer (PNC) a caution issued 20 years ago. The caution related to a sexual allegation, and the vast majority of the evidence had been deleted by the police.

Despite the extensive period of time since the police caution was issued, we were nevertheless able able to obtain some important evidence which demonstrated that there had been fundamental defects in the way the police caution was issued.

That is tremendous news. Thank you, I can’t quite believe it!

We presented our findings to the police, and after a relatively brief period of time, the police informed us that they would be deleting our client’s entire PNC record.

Had the police refused to delete the caution, as it was for a sexual offence, under current DBS rules (which are subject to review) the caution would have been disclosed forever on both a standard and enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Now that the client’s police caution has been successfully deleted from the PNC, the client will have a clean DBS certificate.

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

We have had many police cautions successfully removed for our clients and we pride ourselves on finding errors in the police’s evidence. We are able to do this as we dedicate our time to appealing police records and DBS cases, and so we have developed a genuine and extensive understanding of the law and procedure related to the retention of police records.

We are usually able to determine during our initial consultation with a client, whether they will have good prospect of success. If we think a client has a poor case, we will tell them in clear and frank terms.

We are unfortunately unable to offer our services under legal aid.

DBS Appeal Solicitors

Along with challenging unfairly issued police cautions, and appealing arrest records, we also undertake appeals against DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions.

If you have had a DBS certificate issued where unfavourable information has been disclosed, we can help. Equally if you have received a “minded to bar” letter from the DBS, or are already barred and want to appeal, then we can assist.

DBS and Police Caution Lawyers

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