We have had a caution deleted for our client who was issued a caution nearly ten years ago for assaulting their child.

They had previously attempted to have the caution removed, instructing a different and well known, firm of lawyers. The police had rejected the client’s previous application and came to us to try and overturn the decision.

After reviewing the file, we were able to identify flaws in the police’s case that had not previously been raised. After submitting detailed representations to the police, they agreed to expunge the client’s police caution and PNC record, including the client’s biometric data.

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

Had the caution not been deleted, the caution, as it was for child cruelty, would have been disclosed indefinitely on both a standard and enhanced DBS check.

Now that the caution is deleted, it will no longer be disclosed, and the client will now be able to pursue a career in education, which they had put on hold since receiving the caution.

We have extensive experience in successfully applying for the deletion of police cautions, arrest records, cannabis warnings and PNDs from the PNC.

DBS Expert Lawyers

Along with being experts in applying for the expungement of police records, we have extensive experience in defending Disclosure and Barring Service cases, including challenging unfairly disclosed information on DSB certificates and challenging barring decisions.

If you are already on either the child or adult barred lists, or both, then we may be able to appeal the original barring decision, or may be able to seek a review if the minimum barring period has elapsed.

Police Caution and DBS Solicitors

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