We have had a police caution expunged from the PNC for our client. The client had been issued a police caution for possession of indecent images. The caution had been issued nearly two years ago and effectively destroyed the client’s career.

After investigating the police file, we noticed serious defects in the police’s evidence, which meant the client had a clear defence to the allegation.

We submitted an application to the police for expungement of the caution, within a few months the police informed us that the police caution and PNC record would be deleted.

Now that the police caution is expunged, the client will be able to resume their career, and the caution will no longer be disclosed. If the caution had not be deleted, as the caution was for a sexual offence, due to current DBS rules (which are under appeal), the caution would have been disclosed forever.

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If you have received a police caution, then please get in touch. We have had many cautions deleted from the PNC for our clients.

Along with successfully applying for the deletion of police cautions, we have also had arrest records expunged for our clients, and also other out of court disposals such as PNDs and cannabis warnings.

If you have received a PND, you may now be finding, that despite it not being an admission of guilt, it is being disclosed on an enhanced DBS check. If you are working in a medical role, or if you work with vulnerable people or children, you may find that the PND is being disclosed and is causing you difficulties.

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We also have extensive experience in defending Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) cases, including challenging DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions.

If the DBS are looking to bar you, or have already barred you, then please get in touch. We have broad experienced in defending barring decisions and DBS certificates.

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