We have again had a police caution removed for a client. The caution was issued decades ago and, due to it being of a sexual nature, continued to be disclosed on a standard and enhanced DBS certificate.

The client had previously applied to the police to have the caution expunged, without success.

After we reviewed the file, despite the significant amount of time that had elapsed, we were able to identify a major flaw in the police’s conduct of the case.

The police agreed with our assessment of the evidence, and reviewed the file again, resulting in the deletion of the client’s police caution, PNC record, fingerprints and biometric data.

Now that the record is removed, the client will have a clear DBS certificate and will be able to apply for roles without the fear of having damaging information disclosed.

Police Caution Removal Experts

We have had many police cautions removed for our clients’ in the past, including where they have tried unsuccessfully themselves to have their records expunged or where they have employed the services of a lawyer.

We are usually able to provide clients with a clear idea about their prospects of success after an initial consultation. Unfortunately, not all cautions can be removed, and if we think your case is weak, we will tell you clearly, so that you do not waste your money and time.

Disclosure and Barring Service Experts

Along with having extensive experience in applying for the expungement of police cautions and arrest records, we also have extensive experience of challenging decision by the DBS, including decisions to bar and challenging information disclosed on enhanced DBS certificates.

For clients that have already been barred, with have excellent results in applying for a review. Also for clients who have received a “minded to bar” letter from the DBS, we are often able to prevent barring decisions from being made.

Police Cautions Deletion Solicitors

If you have any police caution, arrest record, biometric data (DNA and fingerprints), and DBS problems, then pleased get in touch.

We understand the significant impact police records and DBS disclosures can have; please call today to arrange an appointment with an expert solicitor.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide our services under legal aid.