We have again had a police caution deleted for our client. The caution had been issued a number of years ago, but it was still causing significant problems for the client with respect to his professional career.

After obtaining the police’s evidence, we identified a number of significant errors in the police’s case.

ABH Caution Deletion

The police agreed to expunge the client’s caution without the need for issuing Court proceedings.

Had the caution remained in place, due to current disclosure rules (which are subject to review) the caution, as it was for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH), would have been permanently disclosed on a standard and enhanced DBS certificate.

A huge credit to your efforts and diligent work. I cannot thank you enough.

Policecautions.uk Client

Arrest Record and Police Caution Deletion

We have had many police cautions deleted for our clients, along with arrest records and DNA and fingerprint records.

We are usually able to give clients a good understanding of their prospects of success after an initial consultation. If we think your changes are poor, we will tell you honestly and clearly.

Not all police cautions can be removed, but we will always endeavour to look for a legal avenue that might lead to a successful expungement.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Along with applying for the deletion of police records, we are also often instructed to appeal information disclosed on DBS certificates, both enhanced and standard.

In addition, we frequently resist applications to place clients on the DBS’s children and/or adults barred lists. If you have already been placed on one or both of the barred lists, we are able to apply for a review of the barring decisions – including list 99 cases under the previous  Department of Education and Skills.

If the DBS refuse to accept our representation, we are able to take your case on appeal to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

Police Records and DBS Appeals Solicitors

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