We have again had a police caution expunged from the Police National Computer (PNC) for one of our clients. The client had received the police caution after a domestic dispute.

The client had taken the services of the duty solicitor at the police station, who advised him to accept the police caution.

After reviewing the client’s case, we were able to recognise several defects with the police caution procedure.

On initial application to the police, our application was refused, however with perseverance we were able to have the original refusal overturned and the caution was deleted from the PNC.

The client’s record will now no longer show a police caution and he will no longer need to disclose the caution to employers.

The client was a health care worker and so a police caution for assault would have had a long term, and potential career ending impact.

Police Caution Deletion Solicitor

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