Our client instructed us to apply for the deletion of his police caution. The client had received the caution in the context of a domestic argument.

The police caution, had it remained on the Police National computer (PNC), would have greatly affected the client’s professional and personal plans for the future.

After our initial assessment, we were able to determine that the police caution had some procedural defects which meant that it ought to be removed.

We prepared detailed representations to the police, and who ultimately agreed with our arguments that the caution was inappropriate in the circumstances of the client’s case.

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

We have had many police cautions removed for our clients; most of our clients are successful or aspirant professionals whose career and personal life is greatly impacted by the imposition of a police caution.

We understand the stress an arrest and criminal record can have on an individual and we work hard to ensure you stand the best possible chance of having your caution deleted.

Arrest Record Deletion

Even if you have simply been arrested, namely you were arrested and detained but the police took No further Action (NFA) against you, your details will appear on the PNC.

An arrest record can appear on an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and can affect immigration abroad.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Children and Vulnerable Adults Barring

A simple arrest, where no further action was taken, can sometimes precipitate an investigation and enquiry by the DBS into whether someone should be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. If you have been arrested, and then subsequently apply for an enhanced DBS certificate, information may be passed to the DBS which could trigger a barring investigation.

If you have been cautioned or convicted of certain relevant crimes, then the DBS will undertake a barring investigation under their automatic barring procedure. Some automatic barring offences however permit an individual to make representations before they are barred.

We have had significant success in appeal auto-barring applications and applications where relevant information has been passed to the DBS.

We have also successfully had clients removed from the barred list where mistakes were made in the original barring decision or where it was no longer appropriate to keep someone on the barred list after the minimum barring period has elapsed.

DBS and Police Caution Solicitor

If you have a DBS issue or an arrest record or police caution difficulty, then please get in touch to discuss your case.

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