The police have agreed to delete (expunge) our client’s caution from the Police National Computer (PNC).

The client, a successful professional, had received a police caution in relation to a theft allegation.

Had the police caution remained on the PNC then it would have seriously affected the client’s ability to work, and to live and work aboard, notably the United States.

Police Caution Deletion

After making detailed representations, the police agreed to remove the police caution from the client’s PNC record.

The caution will no longer appear on a standard nor an enhanced DBS certificate check and so will not be disclosed to any future employer.

This is excellent news, a big thank you for all you support and effort – it is indeed a great result!

Arrest record and Police Caution Removal

If you have received a police caution, or even simply been arrested, and you want your arrest record deleted, then please get in touch.

We have had many successful police caution expungements and also deletions of PNC arrest records, DNA and fingerprints.

If you have been convicted at Court of a criminal offence, then you will not be able to apply for record deletion. You will need to appeal your criminal conviction.

Judicial Review and Police Records

Police records can be deleted on agreement with the police, if the police do not agree to remove a police caution or an arrest record, you can issue judicial review proceedings at the High Court. Our aim is to always persuade the police to delete PNC records, however if they refuse to, we have extensive experience of issuing judicial review proceedings.

DBS Certificates and Barring Decisions

Along with challenging police cautions and arrest records, we also have extensive experience of challenging DBS Barring decisions and decisions by the police and DBS to disclose information on enhanced DBS certificates.

DBS and PNC Solicitors

If you have any issue related to the disclosure of police records then please get in touch.