Our client, a successful professional working in finance, has had his caution deleted by the police. The police caution for common assault, relating to a domestic dispute, would have been disclosable on a standard Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate for 6 years (certain police cautions never become protected, and in some cases even minor cautions can be disclosed on enhanced DBS certificates  after 6 years).

We made prompt and incisive representations to the police which persuaded them to expunge the caution without the need for Court proceedings.

Now that the caution has been removed the client is able to put the incident in the past and apply for a new job in the certainty that the police caution will not be disclosed.

Police Caution Specialist Solicitors

If you have been given a police caution then please get in touch. It may be the case that the caution was issued unlawfully which will mean it should be removed. There are a number of factors that might influence the legality of a police caution. We will be able to assess the circumstances of your case during an initial consultation in order to advise you whether you have a case with a reasonable prospect of success.

We offer reasonable fixed fees for our services, and, if your case proceeds to court, we are usually able to recover costs from the police. Our aim however is to avoid the need for court proceedings and to settle your case with the police.

If you need specialist advice on removing a police caution then please get in touch.

Deletion of Arrest Records (PNC Records)

We are also able to apply for the removal of Police National Computer (PNC) arrest records. Arrest records can sometimes appear on enhanced DBS certificates and may cause issues for immigration to foreign nations, notably the United States of America.

DBS Barring and DBS Certificates

Along with applying for the deletion (expungement) of police records we are also often instructed to apply for the amendment of DBS certificates (both standard and enhanced) and we are also able to resist or appeal DBS Adult and Children Barred list decisions.

DBS Employer Advice

If you an employer who works in a regulated sector, or believe that your work might, then we are able to advise you on the rules related to rehabilitation of criminal offenders and the Disclosure and Barring Service.

It is important as an employer that you do not ask questions related to criminal records that you are not entitled to ask, equally however you have a duty to undertake checks if your business involves regulated work.

If you need advice on the obligations particular to your business then please get in touch.

Specialist Police Caution Solicitors

Please get in touch today to discuss your case with a specialist DBS and police caution solicitor.