We have successfully challenged the disclosure of incorrect information on a DBS certificate. The client, a successful professional, had been issued with a DBS certificate that contained incorrect criminal record information.

The disclosure of the information would have seriously affected the client’s professional career and may have resulted in the loss of their employment.

After we were instructed we acted very promptly to make representations to the police and the DBS to correct the record.

Within 14 days the certificate had been amended and a new one was issued. We have been instructed to claim compensation for the distress caused by the incorrect disclosure.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Appeal Solicitors

If you have received a DBS certificate and information has been disclosed that will affect your employment, such as a police caution, an arrest record or other relevant information, then please get in touch. We have successfully appealed many DBS certificates for our clients – we will act promptly to ensure as much information can be removed from your certificate as possible.

We also are often instructed to appeal DBS barring decisions or are asked to make representations to the DBS to prevent someone from being placed on the barred list. Someone who is appointed to the barred list will be prevented from working with children and/or vulnerable adults and so a decision to bar can be devastating to someone’s future employment prospects.

If you have received a “minded to bar” letter from the DBS then please get in touch. We have previously prevented clients from becoming barred from both the child’s and adults barred list.

We are also frequently instructed to remove arrest records and police cautions from the police national computer (PNC) – we are often able to find procedural errors that could mean your police caution or arrest was unlawful.

If you are worried about your employment, due to a DBS disclosure issue, then please get in touch.