We have again successfully prevented a client from being placed on the children and vulnerable adults DBS barred lists. The client had been cautioned for a sexual offence many years previously. On application for a job, and submitting a DBS check, information was passed to the DBS raising concerns – the DBS then began an investigation into barring the client.

Had the client been barred they would have lost their job and it would have seriously affected their future career.

After being instructed we made prompt and detailed representations to the DBS to prevent the client from being placed on the barred list. Within a short period of time the DBS wrote back to us confirming the client would not be barred.

DBS Barred List Decision Solicitors

If you have received a minded to bar letter then please get in touch. You have 8 weeks to make representations once you have received a minded to bar letter from the Disclosure and Barring Service. If you fail to response to the DBS then it will be more likely that they will place you on the barred list. If you are placed on the barred list then it is a criminal offence to apply for any work in a regulated sector , namely working with children or vulnerable adults.

If you have already been barred we can also help, there are mandatory periods that must run before you can apply to be removed from one or both of the barred lists. If however the original decision to bar was incorrect we may be able to have you removed from the barred list prior to the mandatory barring period. For example you may have been barred on the basis of a caution that you believe was unfair. We would first apply to have your caution expunged (deleted) and then apply to have you removed form the barred list.

We have successfully removed many police cautions for our clients either via representation to the police or through judicial review proceedings at court.

If you were only arrested, but were never convicted or cautioned, you may still find that unfavorable information is showing up on your DBS certificate. If that is the case then please get in touch, we may be able to have your arrest record deleted, or have the information removed from your DBS certificate.

Please get in touch for advice by an experienced solicitor on any Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) issue you may be having.