Another caution has been deleted by the police for one of our clients.

Our client, a successful businessman, had been issued a police caution in relation to a domestic incident.

The allegation, although relatively minor, had a serious and long-term impact on the client’s future including impacting on his career and immigration.

Top Police Caution Removal Solicitors

We made prompt, robust and effective representations to the police for the caution to be removed.

After consideration, the police agreed that the caution had been unfairly issued and deleted the caution from the police national computer.

Remove a Police Caution from the PNC

If you have had an unfairly issued a police caution, then please get in touch. We have had many police cautions deleted for our clients. We aim to settle a police caution case without the need for Court, where excessive costs can sometimes accumulate.

Solicitors for Police Caution Removal

As we have had significant success in the past we know the best representations to make to persuade the police that your police caution ought to be removed.

We will assess your case before taking your case forward, if we do not believe you have any chance of removal we will advise you. If you do have a case we can usually charge a reasonable fixed fee.

Police Caution Removed

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