Removal of ABH Police Caution

We have again had a police caution removed for a client from their police record.

The client had been issued with a police caution for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm). A police caution for ABH will always be disclosed on all types of DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate. ABH is on list of proscribed offences, along with sexual and child cruelty offences, which are considered so serious that they must always be disclosed.

Expert Police Caution Removal Solicitors

After we reviewed the client’s case we were able to identify a major fault in the police’s case.

As a result of our tailored and pro-active legal representations the police agreed to expunge the client’s caution from the PNC (Police National Computer).

I just want to acknowledge again how much has been achieved. Yes I stand firm it was a wrong caution but without a top lawyer such as yourself I could have walked under a very heavy shadow for the remainder of my life.

It affected me so much I thought about taking a year off work pretending to be on sabbatical but I was always expecting the worst.

To continue my humble recognition I have been on the internet on sites where everyone is in similar circumstances. These are surprisingly full of ex prosecution lawyers telling everyone that their position is completely hopeless .i.e once you admit the caution you have made the deal with the devil. I have spent so much time reading these sites ….when I went on these sites I was looking for any small sliver of hope. I found none. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of young /adult people who could not get a job after a caution. Always it always seemed a hopeless case with prosecution lawyers telling the masses if you accept a caution then you are cast iron guilty due to the fact of accepting guilt during an interview with the police.

I thank the stars that I was able to find a lawyer like you. You delivered Matt. I solemnly wish I could thank you more.

I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart as you have given me a chance which I don’t think any lawyer would have been capable of providing.

Police Caution Removal and DBS Certificates Appeals

As well as expunging police cautions from the PNC we are also able to appeal the disclosure of information on DBS certificates or applications to place someone on the barred list.