We have again had a police caution removed for another pleased client; the news comes the same day we were notified a cautioned was removed on an unrelated case.

Police Caution Removed

The client had been falsely accused of assault and adamantly denied the allegation. After we reviewed the file we quickly determined that there had been serious failings in the police’s case.

I can’t find a proper word to express my excitement and at the same time my gratitude for your precious efforts.
Is it for real?
You made my day, Matt.

May the force be with you

How Long does a Police Caution Last?

A police caution will automatically bar you from applying for British Citizenship for three years and may impact on your prospects of gaining UK citizenship after the three year period has elapsed.

How do I apply to Remove a Police Caution?

We made robust representations to the police for removal of the police caution. The police agreed that errors had been made and removed the police caution.

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

If you have been issued with a police caution that you feel is unfair then please get in touch. We can also appeal Disclosure and Barring Certificates (DBS) and application to place people on the Barred list.

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