We have successfully argued for the removal of client’s police caution from the PNC.

Our client had received a caution over 15 years ago for affray. Affray is permanently disclosable as it is on a list of offences that will never be removed from a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Due to the caution, the client was having serious difficulties in securing teaching roles.

The client had previously instructed a different solicitor to delete the caution, without success.

Deletion of Police Caution from the PNC

After reviewing the evidence, we were able to identify some defects in the case. This meant that it was likely that the caution had been improperly administered.

Even though the case was old, there was still some evidence for us to use that supported the client’s case.

After claiming his innocence for 15 years, the police finally agreed to delete his caution.

The client’s police caution and PNC record were completely expunged.

Now that the record has been removed, the client has been able to obtain a clear enhanced DBS certificate.

Police Caution Removal and DBS Appeals Solicitors

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