We have successfully had another police caution deleted for one of our clients.

We are experts in appealing unfairly issued police cautions, or other police disposals.

Our client was accused of assaulting her house mates. The client had been interviewed at the police station, and had accepted the services of the duty solicitor. After the interview, on the advice of the lawyer, she accepted a police caution for assault.

After learning about the full consequences of the caution, the client contacted us to have her police caution deleted.

The client had been suffering from a serious mental illnesses at the time of the caution. We therefore argued that our client had been legally insane according to the “M’Naghten Rules”.

Police Caution Removal

We gathered together extensive medical evidence to present to the police. We argued that the client had been legally insane at the time of the incident, and also when the caution was issued. The police agreed to the delete the caution from the Police National Computer (PNC). 

Now that the client is recovered, she has been able to resume her studies and pursue her career goals.

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