We have again had a caution deleted for our client who had been accused of solicitation a number of years ago.

The client had always felt he had been given the caution unfairly, but had accepted it in order to avoid the humiliation of going to court.

He had lived in fear with the caution on his record, and avoided applying for any type of job that might reveal it.

Police Caution Removal Lawyer

We gathered together the client’s file from the police and applied to delete his record.

Within a relatively short period of time the police had agreed to delete the client’s caution and his PNC record.

Since the caution has been deleted the client has been able to move on with his career without the fear that the caution will be disclosed.

Police Records Deletion

If you have a police record that you feel is holding you back, please get in touch. If you accepted a caution only to avoid court, but where you believed you were innocent, you may be able to have your caution deleted.

We have successfully applied for the deletion of many police records, including PNDs, police cautions, conditional cautions, youth reprimands and warnings, and arrest records.

In addition, if you have received a DSB certificate which contains information that you dispute, we can help. Or if you have received a “minded to bar” letter form the DBS we have significant experience of challenging barring applications.

Please get in touch to discuss your case.