We have successfully applied for the removal of our client’s police caution.

The client had been found in possession of a class A drug, and had admitted in interview, with the duty solicitor advising, that the drugs were his.

The client works in a highly trusted profession, and the caution was having a devastating impact on his career.

After we reviewed the case, we came up with a novel approach for expungement, which the police agreed with, and deleted the caution.

Matt worked extremely hard on my behalf going above and beyond his duties as a solicitor and arranging additional requirements on my behalf to the satisfaction of the authorities. All of Matt’s work is to the highest standard and he responds quickly… if you are concerned about the impact of a caution on your future career and travel prospects I would recommend you setup an initial consultation with Matt.

Police Caution Deletion Solicitor

Please get in touch if you have received a police caution and it is affecting your life. You may be able to have your caution expunged so that are able to move on with your life and career.

Many of our clients talk about the huge weight that is lifted from them when their police caution is deleted; we know the burden that a police record can give people, and so we always work hard to expunge a police caution.

We will scrutinise the evidence in your case to try and find a technical error in the police’s procedure. The law surrounding the issuing of a police caution has developed over a number of years, and has changed a number of times. As a result there is often confusion by the police as to the correct procedure, or simply pressure to resolve cases quickly, which can lead to mistakes. If you feel a mistake has been made in your case, then please get in touch.

Police Caution Expungement

Not every police caution can be removed – we will always look to see if there is an argument to be made in support of your case – but if we feel your case is weak – we will give you our honest opinion, this will avoid you spending money on trying to delete your caution.

Unfortunately we do not offer legal aid, and due to the significant number of enquiries we receive, we charge a fee for an initial consultation.

We also have significant experience in challenging DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions, if you are also experiencing difficulties with the Disclosure and Barring Service – for more information click here: DBS appeals.