We have again had a police caution removed for a client (a health care professional).

Police Caution Removed – Health Care Professional

The client had been accused of assaulting a police officer. On review of the case it immediately appeared to us that the police had unfairly and improperly issued a caution.

Police Powers and Improperly Administered Police Caution

We prepared our client’s case thoroughly and promptly and within a short period of time the police agreed to not only remove the client’s police caution but delete all record of the arrest, DNA and fingerprints from their systems.

Can I get a Police Caution Removed from my Police Record ?

If is not uncommon for the police to fail to follow the correct procedure when issuing a police caution. If you feel this may have happened to you then please get in touch to speak to an expert caution removal solicitor.

Police Caution Removal Solicitors

We have had many police cautions removed for previous clients. We can also appeal DBS certificate disclosures and apply to delete arrest records and DNA and fingerprints.

Please get in touch today to discuss your police caution removal case.