SEO/IT Expert Consultant Job

We are looking for an experienced SEO expert with an interest in managing and improving page ranking for clients with negative content online (such as news articles related to criminal allegations or negative social media content).

You must have at least 3 years experience working in the field of SEO and preferably with experience of  major CMS’ and with some coding background (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or similar). A degree of at least undergrad level in a related field is preferred (although equivalent professional experience will be accepted).

Preferably you will be able interpret server logs, and server side commands, and dynamic content.

You will have an understanding of all online channels as well as offline channels that impact SEO.

You will be able to take instructions from a client, manage their expectations and provide monthly summaries of work undertaken and results achieved (i.e. via analytic reports)

You will be working on a freelance/consultancy hourly basis, and will be working remotely.

Please email Matt at with a covering letter and CV.

All submissions will be treated in the strictest of confidence.