We have again successfully applied for the deletion of a client’s police caution.

The client had been issued a police caution during a night out after work. The client was a successful city professional and the caution, had it been retained, would have had a devastating impact on his career.

The client had been accused of assaulting a taxi driver. At the police station he had felt compelled into accepting the caution for fear of going to court and being publicly shamed.

Shortly after he was released from police custody he contacted us and we set about applying for the deletion of his police caution.

We were able to identify errors in the police’s case, and after making representations, we were able to have the client’s caution and PNC record entirely deleted.

The client now no longer has to worry about the caution being revealed on his DBS certificate.

Records Deletion and Suppression Solicitors

We have extensive experience in applying for the deletion of police cautions in relation to many different police forces.

Along with applying for the deletion of police cautions, we are also able to assist with the deletion of PNC arrest records, community resolutions, harassment PINs, Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) and local police records held on the Police National Database (PND).

Along with applying for the deletion of police records, we can also assist with challenging DBS disclosures on both standard and enhanced DBS certificates. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in challenging DBS barring decisions; both appealing existing barrings, or resisting a new barring application.

We can also assist with applying for the removal of online records, such as unfavourable news articles under the right to be forgotten (the right to erasure).

Also if you, or a loved one, has received a restraining order, will will be able to assist in its removal or amendment.