We have successfully applied to have our client removed from the Disclosure and Barings Services’ (DBS) Barred lists.

The client had been placed on the barred list under the former Department of Education and Skills (DfES) list 99 procedure.

The client had never been convicted of any criminal offence, but was simply the subject of a spurious allegation from over 15 years previously.

The government has significant powers to disclose information, and take barring decisions about individuals, even where no actual criminal conviction has taken place.

If the DBS believe that an allegation made against you is more likely to be true than not, and if it is necessary and proportionate to do so in their view, you will be placed on either the children or adults, or both, barred lists.

DBS Barred Lists Solicitors

Our client had lived for many years under the shadow of the allegation, and the fear that he would be arrested again for a perceived infraction of the barring requirements. Eventually the fear outweighed his concern, and he approached us to try to have himself removed from the list.

After obtaining the file of evidence from various sources, we were able to identify some serious defects in the way the original barring decision had been made. We also argued that continuing to bar our client was disproportionate, unnecessary, and plainly unfair.

We managed to persuade the DBS, within a relatively short period of time, that the client ought to be removed from the children’s bared list.

DBS Certificates and Police Records

Now that the client is removed from the barred list, we are now applying for the expungement of all police records related to the allegations.

Even if an accused is removed from the barred list, the police may still disclose information on an enhanced DBS certificate, which can jeopardise an employment opportunity.

We have had significant success in expunging police records, including police cautions.

Along with applying for the expungement of police records, we also have significant success in appealing disclosures of information on enhanced DBS checks.

Police Caution and DBS Solicitors

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