We have again prevented a client from being placed on the DBS children and vulnerable persons barred list.

The client was convicted at court for a sexual offence and received a letter from the DBS giving him notice of a possible decision to place him on their barred lists – a “minded to bar” letter.

The client contacted us with a view to making representations to prevent him from being placed on the barred list.

Had the client been barred it would have effectively destroyed the career he had spent decades building up.

We made prompt, incisive and legally accurate representations to the DBS which resulted in a prompt response indicating they would not be placing the client on the barred list.

A good start to my year and I have you to thank for that, thank you for your help it is most appreciated.

DSB Barring Solicitors

If you have received a minded to bar letter it is important that you act promptly. You have 8 weeks to present your case to the DBS to prevent you being placed on the barred list.

If you fail to take action there is a good possibility they will place you on the barred list.

If you have already been barred and want to challenge this decision, we can help. There are mandatory periods that must elapse before you can apply to be removed, if however you believe there has been a mistake in the original barring decision we may be able to get the barring lifted early.

Please get in touch to discuss your case.