We have successfully appealed a decision against the DBS to put our client on the children and adults barred list.

Barred List and DBS appeals expert Solicitors

We carefully prepared representations to the Disclosure and Barring Service which persuaded the DBS to review and overturn their decision to place the client on the barred list.

I have been so stressed by the DBS decision to place me on the barred list. I am so thrilled that this is all over.

Teachers and the Barred List – How Can I Remove a Police Caution?

If you are a teacher, or hope to be one, a decision to place you on the barred list will ruin your future career; please get in touch to appeal a decision to place you on the barred list.

Barred List decisions and Heath Care Workers

If you work in health care, a barred list decision will bring an end to your career; please get in touch if you have been barred and you think you have grounds to appeal.

We have acted for many clients in appealing unfair convictions, cautions and decision taken by the DBS including appealing DBS certificates and barred list decisions.

DBS Expert Appeal Solicitors

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