We were instructed by a client to challenge an unfairly issued youth reprimand for ABH (now called a youth caution).

Unfairly Issued Youth Warnings and Cautions

The client was training to be a teacher and only discovered the reprimand would affect him after undertaking many years of higher education. As the reprimand was for ABH (actual bodily harm) it meant that it will always be disclosed on all types of DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service – previously CRB) certificate.

Matthew Elkins reviewed the case and advised that there was a basis to challenge the reprimand.

NB: November 2020 edit: Youth cautions, warnings and reprimands are immediately  “protected” subsequent to changes implemented by the government. This means that even for offences that appear on the DBS list of unfilterable offences, they will not be automatically be disclosed on an enhanced and standard DBS check. It should be noted however despite the changes, it is still possible for facts related to youth cautions, warnings or reprimands to still be disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate if the police feel the information is “relevant”.

Caution and Youth Reprimand removal Lawyer

The police agreed to downgrade the youth reprimand to common assault which meant it would no longer be mandatorily disclosed on a DBS certificate. As a result the client’s DBS certificate was cleared and he is now able to train to become a teacher.