Our client had been accused of being in possession of a bladed article (a knife) in public – and had been issued a police caution. It is, generally speaking, an offence to be in possession of blade or point in public unless it is a folding pocket knife under three inches.

The client, as he was student looking to work in a regulated profession, was extremely concerned about the impact the caution would have on him – it was very likely to prevent him entering his chosen field of work.

After exploring the evidence in the case we noticed that there had been a number of serious errors by the police, and that important evidential considerations had been overlooked.

The client had been going through some extensive and overwhelming mental health issues at the time, and we spent a considerable period of time piecing together the medical evidence to show that the client was unfit at the time of the incident and caution.

After setting out extensive representations to the police, they agreed that the caution had been wrongfully issued and agreed to the expungement  of the client’s PNC record.

This now means the client’s PNC record is completely deleted, including his DNA and fingerprints.

We charged the client a reasonable fixed fee, which was agreed at the start of the case.

Police Caution Removal and DBS Solicitor

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