We have again successfully challenged a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) barring decision.

The client had been placed on the children’s barred list, however he had always felt the decision had been unfair.

The client had been investigated in relation to a sexual allegation, but the case had concluded without charge.

Despite the allegation being dropped, the client had been referred to the DBS by the police. At the time, as the client had been recovering from the stress of the criminal investigation, he did not challenge the barring application.

It was only after several years that the client began to reassess his situation and realised that he had been treated unfairly. That is when he got in touch with us to investigate his case.

DBS Barring Solicitors

After we were instructed we gathered together all the evidence in the case. Once we able to view the file we saw that misstatements had been made to the DBS about the strength and nature of the allegation.

We set out our client’s case to the DBS and after a few months the DBS wrote back agreeing to remove the client from the children’s barred list.

As the client is an educator, this has meant he has been able to fully resume his career and get on with his life as before.

Expert DBS and Police Records Solicitor

If you have received a letter from the DBS stating that they are considering barring you, please get in touch. If you ignore the letter then you will increase the chances that you will be placed on one, or both, of the barred lists.

Along with challenging barring proceedings, we also are able to appeal barring decisions that are already in place.

In addition, if you have had information unfairly disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate, for example non-conviction information held on the PND, then please get in touch today. We have significant experience of challenging the disclosure of information on enhanced DBS certificates.

We initially assess cases via a telephone/or Skype consultation – after which we will provide a written advice tailored to your case.

Unfortunately we do not offer legal aid, but we are often able to charge reasonable fixed fees.