DBS Barring Procedure Successfully Halted

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DBS Barring Procedure Successfully Halted

We have successfully prevented a client from being placed on the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) children’s barred list.

The DBS had commenced an investigation into whether to bar our client. They had taken an initial view that it may be appropriate to place the client on the barred list.

The DBS barring investigation had been instigated when the client had applied for a DBS check, which disclosed a caution for a sexual offence some years before.

Once the DBS had been notified of the caution, their investigators decided to commence their barring process.

DBS Barring Appeal Solicitors

Once instructed, we gathered together all the relevant evidence in the case from a variety of sources.

We instructed an expert witness to provide a report on our client, looking at relevant factors which would be taken into consideration by the DBS in making their decision.

Although the original allegation had been some time ago, we were able to piece together the file, which showed the allegation in its true context, rather than the highly prejudicial manner in which it was presented by the police.

Child and Adult DBS Barred List Appeals

Once we submitted our representations to the DBS, we followed up our application periodically, to ensure matters were progressed in a timely fashion, and so that our client did not have an undue delay waiting for the outcome.

Within 8 weeks, the DBS notified us that they would not be barring the client.

DBS and Police Records Experts

Along with challenging DSB barring decisions, we are also expert in defending against unfairly issued DBS certificates, in particular challenging information disclosed on enhanced DBS certificates.

We are also frequently instructed to apply for the expungement (deletion) of police issued criminal records, such as police cautions, PNDs, cannabis warnings and arrest records.

We have had many police cautions expunged from the Police National Computer (PNC) along with bio-metric data (fingerprints and DNA) and arrest records.

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Please get in touch today to book an appointment to discuss your case. We offer reasonable fees, and can usually offer a set fixed fee in advance.

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About the Author:

I am a qualified solicitor and I have extensive experience of applying for the removal of police cautions from the PNC, challenging DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions. I have had numerous successful cases, and for cases where judicial review proceedings have been issued, I am usually able to recoup my clients’ costs from the police. I have co-authored a journal paper on the reform of the police cautioning procedure in the Criminal Law Review (the leading criminal law journal : “Suggestions for Reform to the Simple Cautioning procedure”). I also write the UK Westlaw Insight on Police Cautions and published an article in the Criminal Law and Justice Weekly on anonymity in criminal proceedings and its impact on the police caution: Adult Defendant Anonymity in Criminal Proceedings