Police Caution Deleted for Client

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Police Caution Deleted for Client

We have again had another police caution removed for our client.

The police initially refused to remove the client’s caution, however after applying significant pressure on the police they agreed to delete the client’s record.

Thanks again for getting the right result for me.

You are the first solicitor I’ve used who’s actually achieved a positive outcome.

Police Caution Removal Solicitor

If you or a loved have received a police caution then please get in touch. We will usually be able to tell you during an initial consultation if your case has merit, and offer reasonable fixed fees to apply for the removal of a police caution.

We are also able to apply for the removal of PNDs and arrest record information that might be disclosed on an enhanced DBS certificate.

About the Author:

I am a qualified solicitor and I have extensive experience of applying for the removal of police cautions from the PNC, challenging DBS certificates and DBS barring decisions. I have had numerous successful cases, and for cases where judicial review proceedings have been issued, I am usually able able to recoup my clients’ costs from the police.